What I Learned from Marisa Peer and My Clients


We all have someone who inspires us. For me, it’s Marisa Peer, a world-renowned therapist, best-selling author, and the founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®). Last week, I had the privilege of meeting Marisa, reflecting on the year that has passed since we last have met in Amsterdam.

Learning from Marisa Peer

During our conversation, we reflected on one of Marisa’s profound expressions I have heard her often say when describing her beginnings in hypnotherapy, over 30 years ago: “I learned the most from my clients.” This insight has come to life in my own journey as a psychologist and therapist. Each client I meet at Great Mind Lab teaches me something new, reinforcing the idea that while degrees and titles are important, they are not a substitute for the real-life lessons learned in therapy sessions. The uniqueness of each client, their struggles, and their triumphs have been both a source of inspiration and a continuous learning experience for me.

Learning from Every Client

My background in psychology has always given me a deep understanding of human nature. However, some of the most enlightening insights I’ve gained have come directly from my clients. Each session is not just an opportunity to apply my knowledge, but a unique learning experience, where clients reveal aspects of human psychology that are as varied as they are profound. This continuous exchange of wisdom has shown me that the journey of understanding human nature is ever-evolving, enriched by every individual story and perspective I encounter.

A vital lesson I’ve learned from my clients is the importance of approaching each one with an open mind. Even if they present a problem I’ve encountered many times before, every client is unique. Their individual minds lead us to the root cause of their pain, which can have surprising, subtly different reasons unique to each person. This realization has taught me to always stay open and let the therapeutic process unfold naturally. It’s a reminder that while techniques and methods are essential, the heart of therapy lies in the individuality of each client’s journey.

What is the RTT® method Marisa Peer has developed?

Marisa’s RTT® approach, a blend of psychotherapy, neuroscience, CBT, hypnotherapy and NLP, has been instrumental in this learning journey since 2020. Her philosophy, especially the empowering message I Am Enough”, a title of a short yet powerful book, resonates with me every day, fuelling my professional and personal growth.

Words of Gratitude

These years post-graduation have been transformative, full of learning and growth, and I am eager to continue this journey. The valuable thing about my work is that the learning is not only from the university and psychology books, not only from the respected figures in the field but also from the practical, real-world experiences in my therapy practice. And all the curiosity and illuminating moments we discover in therapeutic sessions with clients. I am really grateful for this combination. Those teachings and experiences have been truly invaluable, and I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and help others along the way.

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