RTT package to give you freedom

Every RTT session I offer is personalized. in our work together we create a safe space to do the detective work and uncover the origin of the issue that bothers you. After that, we focus on eliminating it from your life.

Every session comes with a deep analysis of your needs, goal setting, as well as a powerful, personalized hypnotic recording you are committed to listen to regularly after the session.

This practice will solidify and rewire the positive changes you start when we meet. This way you create new habits, on neurological, cognitive, emotional and behavioral level.

You have my support throughout this exciting journey.

Your transformation journey looks like this

RTT transformational experience “Season of Change”


3 Months to a New You with RTT®


Overcome one or more emotional, physical or psychological issues in 3 sessions


Free 30-minute Clarity call

Deep-dive and Vision Setting call

3x RTT® session to let go of old pain and blocks that hold you back (approx. 120min-180min each)


3x Personalized hypnotic recording to upgrade and reprogram your mindset

3x Follow-up call within 28 days after each session

Ongoing support with regular check-in moments during the program to accelerate the new change


2 x additional goal setting consultations for the upcoming hypnotic sessions

Bonus recording at the end of this track

Available online or in person in Utrecht, the Netherlands

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We’ve had a successful Clarity Call.

Your questions are answered and we are a good match. My method is appropriate for the issue you need help with, and we estimated the number of sessions required to overcome your presenting issue. What’s next?

We start with an extensive deep-dive call where we do the intake.

It’s another chance to answer any open questions about the process you might have. At this stage I’m gathering information about you and the issue present in your life. I’m interested in your background, and more importantly, in the direction you want to move forward. It’s a safe space to get to know you and brainstorm together.

Then it’s time for a hypnosis.

During each hypnotic RTT session, I bring you into a deep, relaxing state, where you connect to the subconscious mind. Your subconscious is a powerful resource that holds the truth about the root cause and origin of the issue you want to work on. It offers unlimited possibilities to break old patterns and give yourself a massive upgrade. Every session is a big reframe and a crucial step towards understanding and healing.


After every RTT session,

I will prepare a personalized hypnotic recording that excites your imagination.

You will listen to this recording for the period of minimum 21 days, so that your mind can create new neuropathways and you can let the new truth about you become a part of who you are. Your hypnotic recording will wire in the desired changes you want to see in your life.

Transformation is easier when someone’s got your back. That’s why, throughout the process, I will support you in integrating new beliefs and processing what comes forward for you, so we can accelerate the new change. We will have several check-in moments and evaluations at the end of each transformative month. We will also further discuss your goals for the sessions to come. Throughout this journey of understanding, reprogramming and transformation, I will give you an extra support to make your transformation a success that lasts.

As a bonus, you receive an extra recording with a powerful guided meditation, to set you up for success in other areas of your life.

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“Don’t make your dreams
match your self-limiting beliefs.
Change your beliefs

to match your dreams”

Marisa Peer

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RTT Utrecht - RTT Hypnotherapy in English – Long-lasting Transformations
RTT Utrecht - RTT Hypnotherapy in English – Long-lasting Transformations
RTT Utrecht - RTT Hypnotherapy in English – Long-lasting Transformations
RTT Utrecht - RTT Hypnotherapy in English – Long-lasting Transformations
hypnotherapy Utrecht
Graduate University of Gdansk

Your new chapter
starts today

This call is for you to get clarity on how and when you could be helped with the issue you are experiencing.