Grief, Bereavement and Loss

Why has it happened? Does my suffering mean something? What’s the meaning of life? What’s the purpose of death? You may ask yourself these questions if you are grieving.

Grief is an intense, profound and painful, but natural response to loss.

It’s a complex, multifaceted journey we need to go through when we lose a loved one, or something that meant a lot to us. It can be triggered by a significant break-up, divorce, miscarriage, or a loss of job. Even by a significant change in your health, living situation or financial circumstances.

Grief is a way of making the loss real. Or understanding it.

We’re not taught to grieve, but it’s so important to manage it and go through this painful process before we can heal. The role of grieving it to find your way home. And home is a safe place.

Grief is different for everyone

It can be very hard to cope with a loss of someone close. Bereavement comes with a shock and intense sorrow. Sometimes with anger, anxiety and a rollercoaster of emotions. Grieving people may feel helpless, detached from others or guilty for carrying on with your daily tasks.  They may experience a difficulty continuing normal life or making decisions. They may isolate themselves from social contact and behave in ways that are out of character. Ability to manage grief is one of key factors in depression and anxiety.

There’s no instant fix.

We need to go through different stages of grief to heal. We need to allow ourselves to feel and express these various feelings before we can recover and feel better again. Before we can reorganize and embrace life, without sacrificing our happiness.

“Feel the feeling until it no longer requires to be felt”

Marisa Peer

When hypnotherapy can help

Even though we cannot eliminate grief, hypnotherapy may help you ease overwhelming feelings and move through the different stages in a healthy way. Gradually and naturally. It’s especially helpful for those who get stuck in a loop of the grieving process. My program can help you reframe the experience, let go and move forward. It can help you process guilt, blame, or shame around your loss.

It may be a solution to your pain when you have a long-term difficulty with daily living, relationships or work activities. Or when misusing alcohol, smoking or significant sleep disruption becomes a problem. Or when you find yourself gaining weight, depressed and anxious, or at risk of physical illness.

Hypnotherapy can help you find trust, peace, clarity and courage. It can help you strengthen your coping skills and remember with love.

If you are looking for help in moving on from extended, unresolved grief…

If you feel you can’t give yourself permission to move on with your life…

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“Where tears go, the energy flows and healing begins”

Marisa Peer

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