From Darkness to Purpose. Overcoming Depression & Finding Fulfillment

Depression can be a debilitating experience that affects every aspect of your life. It can be a heavy burden that makes it hard to find joy in life.

But it doesn’t have to be a life sentence. With the right support, you can find your way out of the darkness and back to a fulfilling life. This page is here to help you take the first step towards a brighter future.

Depression has many faces.

Emptiness, disconnection, darkness, lack of joy, loneliness, solitude.

Irritability, remorse, bitterness, despair, anger or guilt.

Harsh, critical, diminishing self-talk. Negative beliefs about yourself, other people, your future. 

Helplessness, hopelessness, overwhelm, sharp decline in performance or grades.

Inability to focus, poor sleep, low energy, lack of pleasure, apathy, inertia.

Tiredness, no appetite, excessive hunger, low sex drive, aches and pains, panic attacks, anxiety.

Lack of inspiration, lack of purpose, lack of meaning, lack of control.

Tremendous pressure to be perfect, pressure of expectation, constant need to prove something.

Not following your heart’s desires.

Depression is more than just feeling sad.

It may feel like a heavy fog. As if you have lost interest in activities you once enjoyed. As if life lost its colors and flavors, and all days seem to be just plain and bland. Unremarkable and dull.

It may feel like you have lost hope and you see no purpose in getting up and carrying on with your job, study, daily activities.

You may find yourself teary, unmotivated or numb. You may think of yourself as a burden to others, and you may choose to isolate yourself from your family and friends because you want to spare them extra troubles.

It can be devastating to individual’s health, happiness, relationships and success. And it affects all families.

But it doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

“You often feel tired, not because you’ve done too much, but because you’ve done too little of what sparks a light in you.”


How I can help

Although treating depression with anti-depressants may work for one person, it’s possible to effectively treat it without medication, especially in its mild and moderate forms. I approach this painful problem from a different angle, shifting away from a negative, critical state towards positivity, happiness and inspiration. Through hypnosis we explore where those deep-seated negative beliefs come from and address the root cause. How liberating can this understanding be! We let go of tensions and persistent negative thoughts, and we upgrade your beliefs. We restore a certainty that you are enough, and you deserve to be happy. 

We transform your thinking and instill in you acceptance, contentment, self-confidence and a strong conviction that you are worthy and enough.   

We lift that fog, so that you can see joy, beauty and opportunities again. Your energy increases and you cope much more calmly and confidently with your daily life. You have meaning and inspiration in your life again. 

If you are ready for a life full of joy and bliss, book a free call with me. I’d be glad to tell you more about RTT. 


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