Breaking Free from Anxiety, Fears & Phobias

Do you often find yourself trapped in a cycle of anxiety, negative thoughts, or overwhelming fear? It can be a scary and debilitating experience, but there is hope.

Hypnotherapy can help you break free from these patterns and live a more fulfilling life. Let’s explore how my personalized treatment can empower you to overcome your anxieties, fears, and phobias, and find inner peace and confidence.

Take a moment to reflect on your thoughts…

Do you find that there’s always something to worry about?

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed by negative thoughts and feelings?

Do you generally feel uneasy, irritable, tearful, on edge or not able to relax?

Perhaps you get really scared when confronted with certain objects or being in certain situations?

Maybe you experience an extreme fear that can only neutralized by repeating certain ideas or behaviors?

Or perhaps you excessively worry about what other people will think of you?

Maybe you have tendency to repeat in your head conversations you wish had gone differently?

Or maybe when facing a difficulty, you doubt that you have what it takes to deal with it?

Does idea of losing control frighten you?

You may benefit from RTT hypnotherapy when you often feel anxious, suffer from anxiety disorders, have tendency to overthink or find your mind often drifting to fears and worries, impacting your life satisfaction and confidence. Fortunately, RTT may bring you a rapid, but lasting, relief.

Psychologist, RTT therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Coach

Relentless burden of anxiety

Thinking ahead can literally make us sick.

Anxiety is an umbrella term for feelings of nervousness, fear, worry, or apprehensiveness. It is a natural reaction to what we find threatening.

A little anxiety is not dangerous, but it becomes a problem to our physical and mental health when it’s a long-term state that occurs often and stops us from doing things we want to do.

If you often experience anxiety, worries can take over your life and cause a lot of distress. The good news is that we have a power to change the way we think and view events in our life. Hypnosis is a great way to gain control over our thinking and reverse crippling anxiety. It can help you get to the core of the issue, release limiting beliefs that breed fears and develop phenomenal coping skills to quickly change your life for the better.

Apprehension that nervousness or panic can strike many of us at any time, and not knowing when it may happen, may seriously affect our well-being. Not having worry and stress under control may severely impact our daily life, health, relationships, and career.

But there is a way to break free.

RTT hypnotherapy can be an effective treatment for anxiety, panic attacks or phobias.

If you want to overcome these dreadful states and develop resilience needed to live a life with ease and confidence, book a complimentary Clarity Call.

How can I help

If you are seeking help because worries hold you back from embracing change or your body tells you “Enough, you can’t ignore me anymore”, working with me will guide you towards a future free from crippling fears and debilitating anxiety.

My program has been carefully designed to get to the core of whatever is troubling you now.

In a hypnotic state we deeply relax you and train your subconscious mind to stop anxiety and code in a powerful sense of calmness and control. And you get support in building nourishing practices that help you change your reality, live confidently and with ease.

Whether it’s a social anxiety, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), panic attacks, phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) that is causing you distress, RTT can be beneficial if you suffer from anxiety disorders.

What will you  gain ?


– Sense of inner peace and calm, regardless of the circumstances

– Control over your thinking (and feeling), worry, stress

– Ability to respond differently to situations and things that previously triggered anxious reactions

– A deep well of confidence

– Feeling of internal contentment and clarity

– Phenomenal coping skills


Are you ready to change your reality?

If you are ready to take the first step to a life free from worry, anxiety and panic, and you would like to discuss this with me, please book your free discovery call by clicking on the button below so we can have a private, no-obligation chat.

I’m here to help.

“When anxiety weighs you down to the degree that it is crippling and debilitating, that’s a sign that something might be out of alignment and needs to be brought to your attention.”

Michalina Andrzejewska

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