What is RTT and how does it resemble gardening


What is RTT? Today I’ve had my illuminating moment.

Today, after a profound and uplifting session with a client, I found myself reflecting on the nature of my work as an RTT therapist. I happened to glance out of the window, and there, I saw a skilled gardener tending to his garden. It was like a light bulb turning on in my mind, “isn’t my therapeutic work just like gardening?”, I asked. And I couldn’t help but notice how similar that work was to the transformative process I guide my clients through.

Metaphorical Garden

Watching the gardener’s careful movements, I realized that just like him, I guide my clients through a journey of healing and growth. Just like a skilled gardener who carefully tends to their garden, I too engage in a careful process of exploring the emotional landscapes of my clients’ minds. My goal is to help them uncover the root causes of their pain and limitations, much like the gardener removing weeds from their core. It’s remarkable how our efforts align in creating space for something more beautiful and beneficial.

Untangling old wounds

Similar to how the gardener works with nature, I collaborate closely with my clients on their journey. Together, in a hypnotic regression therapy, we delve into significant moments from their past. Just as the gardener seeks out the roots of a weed, we explore feelings, memories, and beliefs to shed light on the factors that have shaped their present reality.

And in our work together we ensure the weed is gone.

Through this transformative journey, we uncover and release the limiting beliefs that hold us back, much like the gardener removes the entire root system of a weed. With a deeper understanding of our past experiences, we all can gain fresh perspectives and let go of outdated beliefs that no longer serve us. This creates space within our subconscious for new, empowering beliefs that encourage growth and well-being.

What is RTT? Transformation

Just as a garden flourishes when freed from the entanglements of weeds, my clients experience a profound transformation. I have seen them reclaim their freedom, personal power and embrace a life filled with joy, purpose, and full of possibilities. I believe it’s like witnessing the beauty that emerges when a skilled gardener allows nature’s potential to unfold.

Planting the Seeds of Change

Today’s reflection reminds me of the connection between the transformative therapeutic process I facilitate and the tender work of tending to a garden. And I want to remember this metaphor. It’s been over a year now since I started my practice, and I am honored to guide individuals through this extraordinary process, witnessing their resilience and growth as they unearth the roots of their pain and nurture personal transformation.

Just like a well-tended garden, our lives have the potential to flourish with vibrant colors. Through a healing work and thanks to neuroplasticity, we can cultivate the seeds of transformation. And we can create fertile ground for a more beautiful and fulfilling life.

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